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Week 20
(counting from first day of last menstrual period)
Around 18 Weeks After Conception

Please keep in mind that this information is approximate. Each pregnancy is different and growth rates vary. If you have any questions, please check with your care provider.

Fetal Development:
We're halfway through the pregnancy, and the baby has as much sleep and awake time as a newborn. The scalp hair begins to grow. If your baby is a girl, her uterus is starting to develop.

Multiples: Your twins are each 7 1/2 inches long and weigh close to one pound each!

Maternal Changes:
Your uterus is at your navel now. You may experience some tenderness as your belly button becomes an "outtie" from the uterus pressing on it. The line between your navel (linea nigra) and pubic hair has darkened; it will fade after delivery.
Five Months
You're probably feeling the baby frequently now as the movements become stronger. If you're having an ultrasound to verify fetal age, it will probably be scheduled around this time. It's a good time to look into childbirth classes.

Hey! You're halfway there already!

Multiples: Your uterus is two or three inches higher than your singleton counterpart. Now is a good time to look into childbirth classes just in case you end up on bedrest. If you start now, you'll have you time to finish the class.

Ideas for Partners:
Mom may be checking into the various childbirth classes available in your area and reporting to you with dates, times, styles of childbirth and all kinds of things you may have never heard of before. This is important to Mom (and to you too) so jump in there and be ready to head off to class! Some parents feel reluctant to go while others are very excited. If you're feeling a little reluctant, remember that you'll get to ask the instructor lots of questions and meet other parents who probably feel just like you do; all of which can go a long way to squelch your fears.

Inspirational Thoughts:
Don't be discouraged if your children reject your advice. Years later they will offer it to their own offspring. ~Oscar Wilde

Raising Baby Green: The Earth-Friendly Guide to Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Baby Care by Alan Greene, MD, published by Jossey-Bass, 2007.

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