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Week 24
(counting from first day of last menstrual period)
Around 22 Weeks After Conception

Please keep in mind that this information is approximate. Each pregnancy is different and growth rates vary. If you have any questions, please check with your care provider.

Fetal Development:
Sixth MonthThe baby gains about 6 ounces this week as the body begins to fill out. This weight is in muscle, bone mass and the growing organs and tissues. The weight could top 1 1/3 pounds by the end of the week.

Multiples: Week 24 is usually considered the point of viability, meaning that if your babies are born now, they have a chance for survival. They would, however, be in intensive care for many months.

Maternal Changes:
Between weeks 24 and 28, your care provider may order a glucose tolerance test to determine if you have gestational diabetes. Your uterus is 1 1/2 to 2 inches above the navel.

Multiples: Watch your vaginal discharge and report any changes to your caregiver. Preterm labor may start by infection that ascends from the vagina. Visit week 25 for Preterm Labor Warning Signs.

Your doctor may want to do a check of your cervix sometime soon so that if you develop preterm labor symptoms, s/he will have a baseline for comparison.

Ideas for Partners:
Take lots of pictures of Mom. Even though she may not like it at the time, she will treasure the photos later. They will make a wonderful keepsake, and maybe she'll pose for you a la Demi Moore in Vanity Fair!

Inspirational Thoughts:
Now my belly is as noble as my heart. ~Gabriela Mistral

The Working Woman's Pregnancy Book by Marjorie Greenfield, MD, Published by Yale University Press, 2008

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